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Lilly the Cat – The Mockingbird Incident

on December 30, 2011

Lilly The Cat – The Mockingbird Incident

Copyright(c)2011 Urooj Alam Grundmann

First comic made with Wacom tablet.


23 responses to “Lilly the Cat – The Mockingbird Incident

  1. LOL! Lilly! I know what you mean. This brought memories of my first Boxer dog, and how the Mockingbirds would go after her just for being alive (well they’d go after my car too). 🙂

    Great comic today as always! Please keep them coming. And a Happy New Year to you and yours!

    • lillythecat says:

      Thank you! I’m so glad you understand!! It took a lot of courage to admit a fear… of birds… But those mockingbirds are just relentless!

      • Yep, I do think any attacking birds would be dangerous and scare off cats and dogs. We don’t have Mockingbirds where I live now (I kind of like them –their voice–but not the attacking), so the attacking doesn’t happen. We do have plenty of coyotes though. So I don’t let my kitty outside unless I’m watching him. He loves to go outside too!

        The best to you, Lilly! 🙂

  2. Hi Lilly – I have a problem with blue jays in MY yard. They swoop down on me and try to peck me on the head! They screech and fight among themselves – who needs ’em I say!!! We do have mockingbirds around but so far they haven’t bugged me like the blue jays. Hope you have a great New Year – I sure am enjoying your comics………..


    • lillythecat says:

      You’re right! Blue Jays are aggressive too. We don’t have many of those around here though but they are loud and mean… and pretty. Glad a fellow cat can relate to my fears!

  3. Bongo says:

    I guess there’s an advantage to being a dog – the birds don’t bother me. The blue jays do bother the cats around here though. Your comics are lots of fun Lilly.

  4. Patricia says:

    We live on the 9th floor and don’t have mockingbirds up here but TeddyCat will have to learn about pigeons and hawks.

  5. Bassas Blog says:

    Hahahahaha! I love this one Lilly!

  6. I just want to wish you a Happy New Year, Lilly (and owner and writer and illustrator)! I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog. I really look forward to additional posts more than I do on almost any other blog I visit. I think you are just wonderful! So thank you!

  7. rumpydog says:

    We have mockingbirds around here, but it’s the Blue Jays that are the troublemakers here. Can you believe they have had the NERVE to attack a big dog like me????

  8. So glad to meet you!

    Found you on rumpydog’s blog and I am THRILLED that I did!!

    Your cartoons are drawn so beautifully!!! I also LOVE that you portray Lilly as being an intelligent cat, which we all know that they are!

    I have just signed up to follow you and am thrilled to do so!


    • lillythecat says:

      The pleasure is all mine! Thank you so much for your gracious compliments! I really am grateful to you for taking the time to stop by and leaving a comment. I hope you’ll be back again soon!

  9. LOL this is adorable! We love your blog- we found you through Rumpy’s post. YAY for you for saving Lilly. We have a rescue cat, Roory and three rescue pups. We look forward to reading your blog and awesome cartoons!

    All the best and Happy 2012!

    -Deanna and the gang: Harley, Scarlett, Chelsea and Roory

  10. Sandy says:

    You sure have Lilly pegged! I have 2 cats so recognize the behavior. I like your drawings; how do you like using the Waucom tablet? Anyway, keep up the comics!

    • lillythecat says:

      Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! I actually really enjoy the Wacom tablet. It’s made things easier for me and allows for a lot of flexibility. I’ll be using it for a while…

  11. Carolyn says:

    Hello, I found you through Rumpy too 🙂 Brilliant cartoons. I love them!

    Here we don’t have mockingbirds, but the jackdaws are major scary. So know what you have to put up with, Lilly. love Austin the Tux >^..^<

  12. Dianna says:

    Just found your blog (indirectly through One Spoiled Cat).

    Love it – and will be back!

  13. Carolyn says:

    Hello Lilly the Cat, just to let you know I have given you an award if you would like to pick it up at CATachresis! x

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