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Lilly the Cat – Dissonance

on December 23, 2011

Lilly The Cat – Dissonance
Copyright(c)2011 Urooj Alam Grundmann


14 responses to “Lilly the Cat – Dissonance

  1. Bassas Blog says:

    Hahahahaha! I love it!

  2. rumpydog says:

    *joins in the singing* woo woo woo!

  3. Love it! 🙂 You had me laughing, Lilly! Your human sure doesn’t understand you. 🙂 Happy Holidays!

  4. Sampak says:

    That sounds about right to me…

  5. jimmie chew says:

    oh lilly that was good, maybe when i can play the piano finally You can sing!!!!

  6. HA! Humans really have minds of their own don’t they! We give them the “BIG HINT” and still they just don’t get the message right all the time. Just when we think we’ve got them trained – whammo…..back at square one. Thanks for visiting my blog – I love yours!


  7. haopee says:

    Short and sweet. It seems that the cat is smarter than the human. Nice one Urooj. I hope to see more of your strips.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  8. Fluffy Tufts says:

    Oh dear! So this is what my cat Shelli is really thinking when I’m playing the piano!! lol

  9. We have a piano, but no one plays it. Sometimes we walk on the keys. We don’t much like our own music either! Hahaha. Lilly is a very pretty cat. OurGirl likes tabbies best. Julie is the only tabby among us. We’re not supposed to know that Julie is the favorite, but we do. It’s OK. She’s sweet and loves everyone. We love Lilly, too! Musical meowing from RainbowCatsx8

  10. Hilarious! “For the love of God! Stop!”…”She likes it!” had me rolling.

    I’m more of a dog person, but I have been owned by cats before so I know what they are like. The old saying is true…”dogs have owners; cats have staff.” 😛

  11. Hahaha, that’s cute. And oh, so true 🙂

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